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We’re very much looking forward to your talk hello thank you very fast okay uh good morning and uh everyone uh before start .

I would like to say thank you to the apron global health and also the university of southern California to invite me at the speakers for today and also dean uh professor stillage .

 global health
global health
  • from the college of the public health science uh to long continuously to give me an opportunity uh for today okay let me share the flight so I hope you want to see my slide
  • Yes we can see them so the topic that we’re gonna talk today in a second the topic that we’re gonna talk today is the use of technology and innovation to complete combat the call with  in Thailand yes my online sorry .
  • A little bit my life not moving well he’s while he’s doing that .I just wanted to remind everyone um that we will have time for q a so please
  • Think of some questions that you’d like to ask him and put it put them in the q a box ah thank you ah let’s get back now just like moving now so the outliers that I’m gonna talk today uh .
  • I will start with uh the overview of the Kobe  situation in Thailand and then start talking about how julalonga university come up with .

The technology and innovation to fight against Kobe  .

  • Then I will jump into the nation Thailand how they uh manage and also fight against Kobe.
  • So right now uh you can see the cases the new cases of the call with  in Thailand uh qi now is about  in for.
  • The cases total cases and also about that recover already and die the death is about.
  • And this is the graph of the new cases uh since the January assume .

The uplines well you can see from .

  • the graph that uh it’s quite peak by the end of march and also .
  • quite high in ape as well but after that you can see that it’s dropped a lot for the new cases and drop until has only one pieces you can see this so in .
  • This point I will tell you more details about how Thailand managed we had a lesson together how can we make from the high peak in the graph to the fat line like .
  • This okay everyone read me right yes we can see and also uh seeing that January for you you can see that .

we had a unit to take care of overnight institutions that we call emergency operations center eon and then we launched the new unit or center for co-witnesses situation administration in march i put the keyword coordination so to give you a hint a little bit