What to give a boyfriend on February 14: Universal holder

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What to give a guy on February 14: 15 cool ideas
These practical and romantic gifts will definitely delight your soul mate.

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This gift will come in handy in the car, at home, or in the workplace. With the help of the holder, the smartphone can be fixed to the windshield or placed flat on the table. So it will turn out to use the gadget as a navigator, video recorder or web-camera. It is better to find a model with a hinge, which allows you to choose a convenient angle.

What to buy

Universal holder with a clothespin from AliExpress, 291 rubles →
Holder with a clothespin for a car from AliExpress, from 303 rubles →
Holder with a suction cup for cars with AliExpress, 665 rubles →
Holder with a clothespin for the rear-view mirror from AliExpress, 380 rubles →
Neck holder with AliExpress, 575 rubles →

A mug with a picture

What to give a guy on February 14: a mug with a picture

A simple gift to show love. The pattern will change or appear under the influence of the hot drink. The most obvious option is the image of the heart. But you can find something less straightforward, such as a mug with your favorite character or symbol. It is especially pleasant when such a familiar subject is associated with common interests and reminds of things that only you two understand.

What to buy
Thermosensitive mug with a heart from AliExpress, 732 rubles →
Thermosensitive mug with a pattern of hearts from AliExpress, from 739 rubles →
Thermosensitive mug with the planets of the solar system from AliExpress, 908 rubles →
Thermosensitive mug in the style of “Star Wars” from AliExpress, 1,048 rubles →
Heat-sensitive mug with Rick and Morty from AliExpress, 616 rubles →
Heat-sensitive mug in the style of the Packman game from AliExpress, 721 rubles →

Lunchbox heated
What to give a boyfriend on February 14th: a heated lunchbox

Such a gift will show you care for your loved one. He will be able to take delicious food with him and heat it up without a microwave.

What to buy
Lunch box heated from a cigarette lighter and a socket from AliExpress, from 1,714 rubles →
Heated bag for lunch box with AliExpress, 1,776 rubles →
Lunch box heated from the network with AliExpress, from 1 252 rubles →
Lunch-box-multicooker with AliExpress, from 1 177 rubles →

Leather belt
What to give a guy on February 14: leather belt

A classic wardrobe item that will always come in handy. A discreet design will go well with a suit or jeans. A brighter model with a large buckle can be worn during the holidays and parties.

What to buy
Classic leather belt from AliExpress, from 779 rubles →
Belt with automatic buckle from AliExpress, from 427 rubles →
Belt with automatic matte buckle from AliExpress, 764 rubles →
Leather belt with geometric patterns from AliExpress, 928 rubles →
Belt with pattern and crocodile buckle from AliExpress, 851 rubles →
Leather braided belt with AliExpress, 813 rubles →

Car heated mug
What to give a guy on February 14: a heated car mug

A thermo mug with hot tea or coffee is definitely needed in the car in winter. It maintains the temperature of the drink thanks to the double walls of the body and the tight-fitting lid. You can choose a model powered by a cigarette lighter or a more versatile USB-connected model that is easy to use not only in the car, but also, for example, in the workplace.