what could be better than than mushrooms

fantasy shrooms

That’s probably about half of fantasy shrooms the volume that it was before, maybe a little bit more than that. All right, we are ready to top it.

So we’re gonna start with our tomato sauce, add a little bit of fresh basil.

fantasy shrooms
  • This is freshly grated mozzarella. We’re gonna grate a little bit of Parmesan, then we’re gonna bake it in the oven, until the cheese is bubbling and golden brown.
  • So this was in the oven for about  or  minutes at , just until the cheese is melted and bubbling and golden on top.
  • And now we’re gonna top it with a little bit of fresh basil and a little bit of grated Parmesan. Come on,

what could be better than that?

  • Mm, even though the mushroom is tender, it still has some bite to it. So you get a little bit of texture on the bottom, and it has this like, rich earthiness, .
  • That really compliments the Parmesan and the cheese. I’m a huge fan of pizza crust, but I think this is absolutely delicious. And I think that you will love it. Chapter two, Woody Mushrooms. I’m calling these
  • Woody mushrooms, because in the wild they grow on the sides of trees and out of groundwood. These mushrooms are very commonly used in Asian cuisines.

And in America, we refer to them by their Japanese names, maitake, enoki, and shiitakes. There are two types of shiitakes.

This one, which is probably more common here, in the US, is the regular shiitake mushroom, and this one, in Japan is referred to as the dongo, it’s much more rare and a lot more aromatic.

These both have a similar flavor, although they look very, very different. The typical shiitake that we see in the US has a flatter cap, with a slight curl at the