Buy Penis Envy Mushrooms Is The Mysterious Story

The buy Penis Envy mushrooms strain is a strain that is shrouded in mystery. Strange, as his eponymous form is anything but mysterious. It is a highly sought after mushroom – not only for its novel appearance – but it is also known to be one of the most potent strains of the Psilocybe cubensis genus. Thus, we know that it looks like a penis . And, we know that as a Psilocybe type of mushroom it is hallucinogenic. In fact, many connoisseurs say that it is one of the best cubensis . But what else do we know about this cult magic mushroom?  

Mysterious origins :

Well, his story is spotty, at best. Mycologist proposes that the precursors to Penis Envy were found by brothers Terence and Dennis McKenna. This would have been in the early 1970s during an expedition to the Amazon. The story goes that they were looking for a mysterious shaman in the rain forest, when they came across the (relatively) phallic fungus growing in the dung of zebu cattle. Impressed, and probably amused, by its shape, they insisted on collecting some of its spores to take back to the United States. 

A phallic obsession :

The next rumor we build on is this : Famed mycologist Steven Pollock receives a spore sample labeled “Amazonian” by one Terence McKenna. Without much thought, he sprinkles them into a jar of manure (as a mycologist I guess you have them laying around…) and sets them aside to grow. Now Pollock was incredibly well versed in mushrooms of all kinds (he had even been the first to identify Psilocybe tampanesis ), but even he was in awe of the mushroom that grew out of his jar. 

Buy Penis Envy Mushrooms

Now let’s be honest – all mushrooms look a bit like the penis – but this one, Pollock could see, with a little help from his knowledge of mycology to isolate genes, could be totally NSFW. This became his obsession. Slave over the mushrooms, picking only the largest and phallic from each crop, he finally achieved his goal.

He cut off the lid, like a pseudocircumcision. Then she took a spore print, which she sent to Washington state. Very soon after this Pollack was murdered under extremely suspicious circumstances . In the intervening years, this tragedy has only increased the mystery and gossip surrounding the Buy Penis Envy Mushrooms fungus.

A sighting of the elusive fungus :

Shortly after Pollock’s death, mycologist Richard Gee received the much-prized spore print in the mail. It was simply labeled “Penis . Gee, another character we know very little about, apparently kept his new acquisition a secret, further ‘refining’ it by making it more pitiful. For years, as nothing more was said of the Penis Envy strain.

Those who had heard the rumors assumed that he had died with Pollock. However, in a self-published book by Gee, extremely recognizable phallic mushrooms can be seen on the cover itself, growing in a tank. Although the book mentions precisely nothing about the Penis tension, this unnoticed (or was it?)Pictorial evidence helps us trace the murky timeline of this fungus.