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The smuts and the little spots on leaves and the  tiny little dots on twigs i’m talking about fleshy   mushrooms that you see with your eyes without Buy blue meanies .

A microscope probably i probably have seen another    and never even thought about finding .

Buy blue meanies
  • My diet  identifying all those little ones and a lot of the   polyphorus i never really bother doing it but when  you hunt for the table make sure you leave a few
  • There to score and i’d say as soon as they start  opening up they’re putting out spores this is the   stuff that they tell you you’re supposed to do  and if
  • You’re picking for the table make sure   you clean your mushroom as much as you can before  you put it in your basket because there’s nothing  
  • worse than coming home and have having a pile  of dirt and pine needles on top of the pores   and or the gills in your mushroom because you  just threw them in a jungle i

Know people who   are very careful to put their stuff in with the  cap up so that they don’t get stuck in the process   it’s nice to just be as clean as you can be on the  way out of the woods if you’re giving permission   to pick on someone’s land show .

Them what’s  going on there they’ll probably invite you back   once in a while you come across with some  of those new people who say get off my way   let’s see so we find morels in the spring  one of the earliest mushrooms.

we find and maybe find false morels even  earlier than that sometimes which are uh  semi somewhat poisonous.

I know that uh they  produce something called monomethylhydrazine   which is synthesized to make rocket fuel so if  you have a pot on those and you open it up and you   and you take a whiff of it might

Knock you  out and if you cook them wrong or don’t cook   them long enough and get all that gyromicron  out of them um then you you’d get sick and   we could give you cancer over time people i’ve  met .

From germany said oh yeah we could come in   in germany and we hang them out on in the sun on  them on a thread you know so that they can dry and   get rid of all that stuff but it can really  be achievable poison from what.

I understand so i haven’t tried it this is the  beginning of the spring polypore   and it’ll end up looking like this and when  they’re very young although they’d say any time   you open them up and smell them they smell like  uh watermelon right so people like to pickle them .