Seven Quick Tips For Microdosing Shrooms

Microdosing shrooms

Break up we kept it together that looks so pretty got a couple of . Those bunches they’re gonna go in here see Microdosing shrooms .

We have the white I put a couple of these trumpets on there such a simple elegant tasty simple .

  • Elegant tasty dish oh my and finally I love a beautiful micro green I’m giving you all .
  • A break from my micro cilantro and I’m gonna use a pea shoot just going to place it just like so on top of it and folk there you .
  • Have her Becca’s spiced mushrooms over creaming polenta so we have brought the diaspora to a Italian favorite so .
  • The beef raga or the meat rah some people use a pork raga we have used mushrooms instead isn’t .

That lovely it is it is it is so thank you for joining me i’m going to damn this and kill it once i get off camera but thank you for joining us on thank you melissa thank you for joining us on reclaiming your

Health we will see you all next week tuesday hey leah thank you for joining please make this dish let me know how it came out for you let me know if you did .

The variations on it as always ?

Thank you so much all of you who have been supporting me and and purchasing the spices these spices were made with love they represent the african diaspora and world cuisine.

Always encourage people to really try different things and re-read discover your roots wherever you may be from rediscover your roots start cooking more traditional foods eat