Innovation Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 8 Tips


That can be real passive I think this one is very important and then we can see this one for the example that . I will show you about the innovation that we have uh from July long gone to fight against Kobe. I’m gonna talk about big innovation .

That we have the first one is the holy night you see you lobo Kobe it’s not like iron man so it’s.

  • A robot this this one created by the faculty of engineering this one will support and increase the workload of.
  • The medical staff and importantly most importantly try to keep the medical staff safe and you can see from the example of the robot here
  • The picture we have three types of the robot being so robot miller robot inside robot actually uh the name of the pinto robot .
  • this one is a Thai name this one in Thailand means like a food carrier so this robot will send the food and also make it
  • into the patient and avoid their leg contact to the patients with the bovid and we also have other two robots

Miller robot and ninja robot two artists use the system of telepresence system so it helps the doctors nurses to communicate to the patient to .

The robot and avoid the delay contact which is to be leaks’ uh to get infected if we have the direct contact with the cognitive notification to make you have a clear picture about how the robots work I.

Will show you this one for the video how the medical staff use the robot you can see that two doctors move the robot to the patient and also say hi to.

The patient and introduce them that they’re going to take maybe white outside blood pressure a temperature and also to let the patient know that to get ready for this and also communicate and

Sometimes can give like some kind of a support to make patients not to feel nervous about the community situation so you can see this one they also can communicate through this and it’s quite good to avoid the direct contact that’s really important and right now uh .

We use this robot already in many medical school and we plan to send out uh the robots to other hospitals as well across the country the second innovation is about the kovis  street test this one created by formative school and the concept of this one they use like uh protein from plants make like an antigen and then they caught it into the strip and

Then we have the koi patient use the blood test and then the stripped head with head for the immune doubling and immunoglobulin in the test for the antibody and it takes just only  to [Music]  minutes to get the result this one i would like to