How to easily grow onions in the vegetable garden?

  • I do not recommend nupep shrooms sowing because the seeds take a long time to germinate. It is much easier to buy a net of bulbils in a garden center.
  • To put the odds on your side, I plant them when the extreme cold is no longer to be feared, around March. Do you know which way to bury the little bulb? It’s always the tip up! 
  • Don’t push them in too much, the point should just be flush with the floor.

Why are my onions rotting in the ground?

  • The onion hates stagnant moisture. If your soil is clayey and quickly saturated with water as soon as it rains, there is a very simple solution to prevent onion rot.
  •  It is enough to plant them at the top of a small mound of earth 5 cm high, erected over the entire length of the row. Always with the aim of avoiding humidity,
  • I keep the plot of onions well weeded, and above all I never put mulch at the foot of this vegetable! I also remind you that the onion does not like soils that are too rich. It draws its energy from the bulb, so no need for fertilizer.

How to get early onions?

  • There is no mystery, to harvest onions earlier, you have to plant them earlier! And definitely earlier: the bulbils must be planted the previous fall. To prevent them from rotting during the winter due to humidity, I plant them on mounds (see the previous question).

What are the sweetest onion varieties?

  • These are the red onions, especially the Italian ones. They are very soft and do not sting. I use them raw to accompany raw vegetables or to give a little crunch to a pasta dish. I recommend the following varieties: the ‘Rouge de Florence’ onion, which is elongated, and the ‘Red Baron’, which is easier to find in bulbils.