7 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Mota Edibles.

I said well what’s this Mota Edibles mushroom exist oh I don’t  know we don’t eat those okay what’s this mushroom  .

Mota Edibles
  • Don’t eat those we know about five  or six mushrooms it’s a second generation.
  • Italian it’s kamala and uh he was uh you know really  into making wild food he picked a whole bunch of little little ones.
  • This big and I said  what are you doing with those. I had like a   grocery bag full of them and he said oh this is  for my antipasto .
  • I don’t like them when they get   bigger they were still okay when they were bigger  but not pretty so anyway
  • i got totally fascinated   with it and i had to know what all these  mushrooms were as i go out in

The woods and uh like see mushrooms

I’d never really seen mushrooms  before I was like when I was a kid I used to go down and hang out .

  • That comment which is pretty  much a stagnant pond you go down to skate during   the wintertime and i never install.
  • A mushroom  not one and then I’m back from California and I   learned a little bit about mushrooms and i go  down there and they’re absolutely everywhere  
  • other   sclerodermas that um are smooth-skinned they’re  all poisonous but there’s actually a parasitic   belief that will come off of that and people  eat that they’ll .
  • Eat them it’s not poisonous   you see lots of times you’ll see sticks  in the woods and they’ll have this white   crust on it and if you look really closely  it has little teeth and they call .

That   milk tooth polypore and then lots of  times you’ll be walking around you’ll see   trees that are covered in cup funguses and this  happens to be a very very uh juicy looking one